The Team

The current team is composed of students from the X. and XI. grade, mathematics and

informatics profile. We have participated in several programming olympiads, but never before in

a project of this scale. Those contests usually measured our problem solving abilities given a

theoretical problem. Our only concern was runtime and memory, but now we will have to think

about funding, assembling a machine and taking in to account the unaccountable. Nevertheless

we are willing to learn and grow in order to perform extraordinarily. Our main intention besides

trying to finish high on the scoreboard is to gain experience. Many of us want to study computer

science at the university and further along our careers we will face similar projects, where not

only individual skills are required, but also well-managed co-operation, structured approach and

time management.


Csonta Ildikó - mentor

I am teaching informatics since 15 years in our school, Colegiul Național Márton Áron. Most people think it is the easiest thing to do because the students are interested in informatics. The different motivations, interest levels of the students, constant changes in technology, the lack of teaching materials, and the expectations for the exams are complicating our lives :)

That is why I sometimes feel the need to do/learn something else and this contest is our new challenge.

Csomós Róbert - mentor

Gyarmati Dénes - mentor


Dumitrașcu Darius XI.E

I registered in this project because I was always fascinated by creating mechanical things that require imagination, like robots. I expect to learn new things that I can use in the future.

Molnár Levente XI.E

My first impression about this competition was that how cool is the idea. They got us well prepared, we got an awesome kit of parts. I personally loved the building part. Every person had a part, which he built and at the end we put it together as a team.

Molnár-Barabás Ákos XI.E

On december 19. we started the building of the prototype in the manual. It was a great experience, it brought back the memories when I was a little child and played with lego.

I personally had a little trouble with the drawings and the parts of the robot, but in the end I got used to it and I learned a lot from it.

Vidám Szabolcs XI.E

I always was thrilled by robotics. There was some spark between me and technology, it is a bit unexplainable. Some sort of mutual affection.

This is why I was really excited when we first got word of the First Tech Challenge. We did not hesitate at all to start planing as soon as our registration was accepted, even before that we had common expectations regarding the building and design procceses.

Zediu Álmos-Ágoston XI.E

My interest regarding programming and robotics has been around since my childhood. To be honest, I am more interested in the software developing side of the competition, but I also like to take part in the creative processes, and human interactions. Building and coding the robot is not only a nice project, but it gives an idea about the needed social skills for a succesful endevaour. I am really excited about meeting the other teams.

Lőrincz Attila XI.F

I saw the table with all the little parts of the robot I felt like a little kid when got a lot of Lego at Christmas. I managed to do 4 piece under that hour but apparently I put all of the nuts in invers position so we had to fix it:D. The next our I had the semester paper and the teammates worked on the robot and then all together with the exception of a few people. It was a lot of fun and I think it will be in the future as well.

Fodor Tímea X.F

I got absolutely excited when my teacher first mentioned this competition. In my childhood, my dream was to work with robots and now I can go on with desire owing to this programme. I want to study computer science at the university and further along my career will face similar projects, where I can use what I learned here, for example co-operation. I met a lot of new friends, enjoyed everything, and during the whole preparation we had fun. I would like to improve my skills in designing.

Péter István X.F

I have been interested in informatics and robotics. When I heard from the competiton I decided that I want to participate in my shool's FTC group. I have a bit of experience in robotics but I want to learn more, and want to upgrade my skills. I think it's a perfect competition for it.

Kenyeres Ádám X.F

I have always been interested in robotics and when I heard from my informatics teacher about that competition I made the decision under a minute that I would like to be part of the school’s FTC team. I hope that I will improve my skills in engineering and I will make new friends during the FTC competition.

György Viktor X.E

I really like programming, but engineering is not my strength, so I was happy when I heard that there is a competition, First Tech Challenge, where you need to do all kind of stuff, you can learn new things.

Máté Szilamér X.E

After Ionel Doboacă’s presentation, I came out motivated from room 42, it was to my liking that I can participate in a competition, which is truly about the students, which is not just about performance and its motto is well earned: “Have fun!”.

Laczkó Attila X.E

I joined the team because I am interested in informatics, mostly in robotics so it is a good chance for me to show what I really know about it. In my free time sometimes I work with my father on our old car and this way I usually improve my engeneering skill too, which is important for the success in this competition.