About us

We, as students of the Márton Áron High School, are not new to robots and competitions

regarding robots. Our peers participated in numerous robotics related contests, for example in the

international competition “Kutatók Éjszakája Robotverseny” (Researcher’s Nights Robotics

Contest) which had been organized by the University of Debrecen. There the schools team

managed to finish on the first place with our team: Hargita1, in 2014. Previously they finished on

the third place in the same competition, but they managed to reach new heights with many hours

of work and a new approach. A few older colleges participated in an FLL selection contest in

Debrecen, the team of the county ranked III-th place.

Robots are always interesting to watch and to interact with, and to

experience that your machine which you have built sweating for hours over the workbench is

alive, is the most satisfying feeling in the world. Furthermore, designing clever algorithms

which deal with obstacles and solve various kinds of problems is our speciality.

In 2017-2018 we participated at the FTC Relic Recovery. That was the most complex competition until now, but

we will also participate this year (2018-2019), so we want to hold this tradition in the further future

also. Last year we couldn't get such a good position due to the lack of the experience.

This year will be different, we gained some experience so we will be able to have a better place achieved.

As you can see, although this is a next level for us, we got the determination and passion

for robotics which will get us to the finals.