Csomós Róbert

I was always interested in robotics, not only in programming. In the school we teach only computer usage and programming, this is why we were interested in the FTC as a new possibility to test our capabilities and learn. We have LEGO robots in our school for some years now and I think our students are capable of creating more complex robots.

I am interested in 3D printing too, this contest made it possible for us to learn 3D design and use 3D printed elements. I am glad that we had the possibility to participate last year and I hope we will have nice results this year too.

Csonta Ildikó

I am a teacher in the Márton Áron High School since 2003. I teach Informatics. We have many talented pupils and participate in many contests. Last year we enrolled in the FTC to face a new challenge, to try a new kind of contest. It was hard, but interesting. Most of our work in the school is about individual achievements. In the FTC we had the possibility to face the upside and downside of collective work.

We learned a lot last year this is why we applied this year again. I think it is an important learning possibility for our students and teachers.

Gyarmati Dénes

I am the system administrator in the Márton Áron High School. I have to work with students, teachers and administrative personnel of the school, so I can help the team by counseling them how to apply for sponsors, moderate between the schools management and the students.

Last year I gave some advertising advice and helped in understanding how they can promote themselves. I hope this year we will have good results together.

Balázs-Urkon Emőke

I am a 16 years old student from Colegiul National Márton Áron. I am studying maths, informatics and English. I’m interested in robotics, and 3D printing. In the team I work with social media and photos. I appreciate teamwork and collaboration, working towards a common goal. I had the chance to learn new and interesting things and to meet some amazing people!

Bege Árpád

I hope I can improve by entering this competition and build some good friendships with my teammates. This is my first time entering in this kind of competition and I am really looking forward to it.

I have read the reports about last year’s competition and I got even more interested. I felt all the hard work that they have put into making the robot and it got me even more excited. My goal for the competition is to build a strong relationship with my teammates and obviously to get a good place in the competition.

Bónis Botond

This competition is very good for learning new technologies, and making new friendships. I have set goals for myself, during the first couple of hours of building the robot, and reading the manuals: I want to learn programming, to improve my English, and also to have such good times with the team. I hope that I’ll be satisfied in the end.

Fodor Tímea

I want to study computer science at the university and further along my career will face similar projects, where all these skills are required. The most important thing what I learned was the cooperation. Even if we had some ups and downs as any other teams, we had to learn to listen each other’s ideas, and it was much more better than last year. I had more experiences how to keep all my stuff organized.

Not only helped I in writing a notebook, which describes the evolution of our robot (the construction and the programming part of it) and the challenges we had to go through this several months as a team, but also took part in programming. I also keep in touch with other teams through social media.

György Viktor

Last year we didn’t do so well, but it was good for learning the basics and that in th . I was interested more in designing, 3d printing and building. I don’t know yet if I want a career realated to these things, but I really enjoy doing them and realising the things which seemed impossible are pretty simple when they’re understood. I had to realise that not just the theoretical ideas are substantial, but the lots of testing and fails are just as important. I really like the mood of the team, there are always jokes flying so the work is never boring.

György Ferenc

When I heard about this competition first time I got very excited and I wanted to be a part of it. I always wanted to become programer and this is good places to start. I hope I can improve myself by entering this competition and build up some good relationship with my teammates.

This is my first time entering in this kind of competition and I wanna be a useful member of the team, so I decided to put as much effort as I can. My goal is to become a better programer and build up stronger friendship with my teammates.

Kenyeres Ádám

Last year was an awesome experience for me, I improved my skills in engineering, robot building and in programing as well. In my opinion if we can organize our work more efficient we can have much better results then last year.

For me working with robots had been always a passion even when I was a little child when I liked to play with robots and lego.This competition is a great occasion for me to improve my skills in this section. I also want a career in programming or engineering.

This year we have new opportunities and we have to build a better robot then last year and I hope we will have better results then last year.

Laczkó Attila

I hope our new team will be at least as functional as last year’s team and that being the part of the FTC community will remain as a tradition in our school. We have a lot more participants than last year so we should be able to get things done more easily. Even though getting along will be the most important thing to achieve and if it will be delayed it could be fatal, I see the progress moving in a good direction.

This year the task is a bit more difficult but we won’t give up. We saw how the team should be able to function and what the competition is about so now we are able to teach the more important thing to the new members.

Máté Szilamér

Last year we gained a lot of experience in planning, engineering, programming, documenting and cooperating. I think that everyone learned a lot of from our mistakes. I am very excited about the new season, it is a real challenge, that’s hard to be satisfied in.

This time we had to looking for some rookie members, who are very enthusiastic. Sometimes the cooperation is very difficult between us and the new team members, a lot of times doesn't match our opinion, but I think we can work together efficient. They have a lot of good ideas and works as they can.

Molnár "Csukja" Zsolt

I am very ambitious in this competition. I want to learn a lot ,I want to make something awesome and I want to improve my programming skills, my knowledge about computers. I love to create and I love to create something imperishable. In my opinion, if you create you can be a better person.

Molnár „Mozso” Zsolt

This is the first time, when I participate in this competition. I am 16 years old and I like to repair (or build) electronic things like computers, loudspeakers and watches. When I was child I disassembled everything what I got and tried to assemble it again. I played Lego and a game which is similar, called “Jáva 5”. I learned 3D design for 2 years and it can help me in the robot building.

I was always interested about robots, and know to how it works. Now I am in a maths-informatics class and I want to learn more in this competition and get to know new people. I hope this event will be very good anyway.

Sövér Pálma

All my life I tried different kinds of art and I've always liked creating things, so I'm very eager to see the process of making and developing our robot. But the feeling of satisfaction that comes with the successes in such a process is best shared with like minded people who worked hard alongside you, so I'm looking forward to making new friends as well.

Péter István

I’ve also participated in last year’s competition and I’m as excited about this year’s edition as I was for the last one. I began practicing for this season’s edition with a lot of experience and happiness too.

I think I could gain loads of experience and I’ll get to know a lot of people this year also. I’m really curious about this year’s team’s ideas because in my opinion this season will be much more exciting then the last one.

Péter Ákos

When my informatics teacher spoke about this competition I got really excited because I’ve always been interested about robots. My father always motivated me to do the stuff I like because he thinks that if someone does something he likes he can be successful in it.

As I got into robots i found it more and more amazing. Now I think that I could imagine my life working with robots, programming, building. I like programming because I think it’s very cool if someone can “bring it alive” an object. Building can improve a lot of abilities. And also my goal is to be in a good relationship with my teammates.

Szabó Balázs

I am very happy because I can learn new technology. I joined the team because I like programming and I want to learn more co-operative things. This is a good chance for me to show my knowledge. My goal is to learn more new things. I hope to I can utilize the earned attainments in the future.

Vidám Szabolcs

For example I always was thrilled by robotics and engineering in general. There was some sort of a spark between technology and me, it is a bit unexplainable. Some sort of mutual affection.

This is why I was really excited when we first got word of the First Tech Challenge.